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FAQ office policies:

RX prescription reprints: Our Doctors will always give you your prescription and receipt at the completion of your eye exams. However, if later you lose or misplaced your RX, and you want another copy, in accordance with alberta health privacy and information act, we need to ensure your ID and record your request, to ensure that your personal health information is not being delivered or released to the wrong person.

In order to verify your ID, we need:

a. Complete name, first and last, as spelled in the medical chart previously

b. DOB date of birth (as we can have many different patients with the same name)

c. Approximate date and location of your last eye exam

d. And the fax number where you want it to be faxed at, with the area code.

e. Your Phone number or contact in case we need to verify or confirm information provided (if it differ from the medical file)

f. And if the request come from someone else than the patient directly (example another optical, another doctor), we usually need the signed release consent form, signed by the patient.

Please allow us time to complete your request as the Doctor usually have to verify the medical chart before re-issuing the RX.

RECEIPT reprints: Due to accounting requirements and insurance fraud prevention requirements, we can only issue one original copy of the receipt, it is done at the completion of your eye exam. If at later date, you require another copy displaying duplicate, there may be extra fees. (we need the usual ID information)


EMAILS requests: IF you prefer to have your RX copy or receipt emailed to you, we have to ensure that the email is valid and belong to you, and that there is no error in the email address, AND we need your AUTHORIZATION that you want the RX to be EMAILED to YOU. In order to process the request by email, please email to us FIRST (at info@drquan.ca) an email displaying the following information:

a. Complete name as spelled in the medical file

b. DOB date of birth

c. Date and location of your last eye exam

d. AND YOUR CLEAR EXPRESS AUTHORIZATION that you want us to email (unsecured) your medical data back to you (example that you authorized dr quan company to email your rx by email back to you)

only then we can reply to your email with the requested information.

PHONE and RECORD system: as we are required by alberta health information act and as the standard of care of optometry, to properly record every request made by the patient, to ensure proper protection of your ID and personal health information, and to ensure proper and timely process of your request, we need to have a copy of your request on file.

How? either written (by email, fax), or you can efficiently leave us a recorded voice message in our phone system. Every message that we received, are properly recorded and archived. It is to ensure that no errors are made, and that we have the proper consent to do actions on your behalf. (for example, you request us to fax to specific fax number, or ask us to release information to a different provider, or ask us to change referral to a different doctor, make or cancel or change appointments with doctors or specialists, etc..)

INSURANCE requests: From time to time, your insurance company may conduct random audit and verify your claims. As insurance companies are not health care providers and are not health information custodians, we cannot release any information or confirm questions about services provided without a proper signed release consent form signed by the patient. Please ensure that your insurance company follow the proper procedures for claims verifications.

we thank you for your understanding and cooperation.



tel: 1-888-381-2677

fax: 1-888-310-0029

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