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Dr. Quan & Associates, Optometrists, has developed this site as an electronic resource respecting our practice.


We are committed to providing our patients and visitors with a web site that respects their privacy.


This page summarizes the privacy policy of our office and our web site.


We do not automatically gather personal information such as your name, phone number, or e-mail address unless you supply it voluntarily, usually through contacting us via e-mail, phone, voice mails, telephone, fax, paper forms, regular mail or registering in a secure portion of the site, or by using our secure appointment booking service.


As with most web site, we may maintain server logs and web logs which automatically collect and log all incoming traffic to our web site and may include your Internet Protocol (IP) address. We, however, make no attempt to link these addresses with the identity of individuals visiting our site. We regularly delete all traffic data permanently when it is not in used.


Any personal information you voluntarily provide is protected under Alberta’s Personal
Information Protection Act. This means that, at the point of collection, you will be informed that your personal information is being collected, the purpose for which it is being collected and that you have a right of access to the information.


Patient and visitor information is not disclosed to anyone except our staff, consultants or others as noted in our privacy policy who may require the information.

In the process of providing care to you, we may collect and record your information by: voice mails, phone calls, emails, texts, faxes and any other electronic communications, and it may be recorded electronically and be part of your medical file, and it may be shared among our doctors and staff working at out company.


Notification regarding our authorized  appointment service provider and medical information server outside Canada:

In providing services for appointment booking and scheduling, recalls, confirmation of appointments, and medical information chart entries and storage, we may use a service provider that is based in USA. The service provider is authorized to collect, use and disclose the personal information only to our company for only the purposes of appointment scheduling, recalls, reminders and confirmation of appointments, or to advise you about our services, or to provide medical information entries and backups and storage, and not for any other purposes. The service provider is authorized to contact you by phone, email, or by automatic interactive voice recognition system (IVR), for or on our behalf, regarding appointment scheduling, reminders and confirmation of appointments, or to inform you about our services. The service provider is usa health privacy compliant (HIPAA), and the information you provided is also protected under Alberta's Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) and / or Alberta Health Information Act. By continuing to use our services or our service provider, you give explicit consent to our policies and privacy policies.


Notification regarding our authorized  office service provider In or outside Canada:

As with most business now, In providing business office services of Phone, voice mails, emails, or internet related calls or VOIP, we may use a service provider that is based in USA and / or Canada. The service provider is only authorized to collect, use and disclose the personal information only to our company for only for the original purposes that the personal information was obviously collected, and not for any other purposes. The service provider is secure with the latest encryption, and follow the standard guidelines of security of the industry and / or of secure internet transactions. The information you provided is protected under PIPEDA, Alberta's Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) and / or Alberta Health Information Act.

We do not collect, use, disclose personal information that are not necessary to the purposes of providing the services to you, or to inform you of our services. We do not sell or transfer your personal information to any unauthorized person or unauthorized provider under Alberta Health Information act, and, or PIPA.


This privacy is only applicable to this website, and not any other website that you may access. This web site may contain links to other sites. We are not responsible for the content and the privacy practices of other web sites and encourage you to examine each site’s privacy policy and make your own decisions regarding the accuracy, reliability and correctness of material and information found.

By continuing to use our services, you give explicit consent to our office polices and privacy policies.

For questions or comments regarding this policy, please contact our Privacy Officer,

Privacy Officer: Dr. N. H. Quan. O.D. 

By e-mail: info@drquan.ca
By telephone: 1-888-381-2677
By fax: 1-888-310-0029






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