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Office Policies & FAQ:



The doctors accept debit or cash only, no credit cards.


For all patients: Please bring your Alberta Health Care card to all visits. (A photo id is also required for insured AB Health Care services)


In accordance with the Alberta Health and Information Act, reprints of Invoices, Receipts, and Completion of forms and documents may have extra applicable fees

If you have alternate eye exam coverage from the government (IA, SS, ab works etc), please notify our office by email or phone call, prior the eye exam date for a pre-approval prior to your visit.



Insured services by AB health care:

All patients under the age of 19 years old and over the age of 65 are fully covered for comprehensive complete eye examinations, follow up office visits, urgent care, dilations, and visual field testing if they have current and valid Alberta Health Care coverage.

ALL patients with Alberta Health Care coverage, regardless of age, are now covered for any urgent  or medical  eye health care or emergency care visit at our offices.


The coverage for medically necessary eye health services includes: Monitoring for diabetes related issues, glaucoma, Retinal diseases, Pre and post operative optometric care for cataract patients, Eye infection or injuries, Removal of foreign objects from the eye, Sudden changes in vision, Treatment of eye infections, inflammation, or injuries.

Please inform the doctor in advance of the nature of your vision disturbance to ensure it will be covered.  

(The medical eye health exam visits do not include routine yearly eye exams, or exam - refraction- for prescriptions for eye glasses or contact lenses. Only medically necessary eye health exam are covered under Alberta Health care.)

You are also covered with a referral from your doctor. Patients with a referral letter from their physician also have full coverage for the ocular health check up services requested through their Alberta Health Care coverage.

All Alberta Health Care insured services require valid AB health insurance card AND a photo id.





Uninsured services:



Complete Eye Exam:  $90. (cash or debit only. For patients 19-64 years old, or patients not insured by Alberta Health Care.) (Include: Case history, external eye exam, internal eye exam, ocular health check, eye pressure test, HD retinal camera capture if medically needed, vision tests, refraction and glasses prescription if needed, diagnosis and recommendation).

Follow up services: $ ___ please ask the doctor as services and tests required may varies. For current patients that need follow up care, and patients 19-64 years old or patients not covered by alberta health care


Forms completion:  $10 to $ 40 (for drivers forms ; RCMP ; police forms ; employment forms, etc)


Lasik surgery Pre-op and post op : $___varies (includes all required visits and forms)


Punctal Occlusions:  Temporary plugs (last 3-12 months) $__/ Permanent plugs  $__


Reprints of lost receipts: $15.(will display: duplicata copies only, not original numbered)


Rechecks of RX Prescription: A fee may be applicable, if: your last recent eye exam was more than 3 months ago, or if your eyeglasses were not dispensed by an Alberta licensed optician or optometrist, (or if you see another different doctor than the original doctor). Please ask the doctor.



TEL: 1-888-381-2677  

FAX: 1-888-310-0029

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