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A complete or comprehensive eye exam is the only way to ensure total eye health and diagnose any eye-related health issues (see Sight Test or Eye Exam?).  It is more than checking to see if your vision is 20/20 and handing out a prescription.  Many factors can effect your eye health, and a complete eye exam takes all of those factors into account before taking further action.


We’ve broken the exam down into layman’s terms in order to help you understand the role that each test plays.  The following tests are the most commonly performed, however your optometrist may choose to add additional tests if complications are perceived.


Steps that you can expect in a typical optometric examination include:

Other tests may be undertaken to evaluate your ability to change focus, see colour correctly, or perceive depth correctly.

The items above are typical to a routine eye examination.

Your optometrist will choose those tests required to adequately evaluate YOUR visual system!

The Recipe for Total Eye Health

All of the above exams are used in conjunction with one another to determine the best type of care needed for your eyes.  A sight-test alone cannot adequately provide this information, as it only relies on the refraction portion of your eye health.  A refraction cannot tell you whether or not you have an underlying eye health issue that, if left untreated, can seriously effect your overall health.

ALL patients with Alberta Health Care coverage, regardless of age, are now covered for any urgent medical  eye health care or emergency care visit at our offices.       

The optometrist can diagnose and treat a variety of eye related emergencies including:

-Foreign Body Removal
-Blunt Trauma
-Corneal abrasions
- Welder’s flash/Chemical splash
-Red Eyes
-Double Vision
-Eye Pain and Light Sensitivity

If the optometrist is unable to treat the eye related emergency, they will be able to refer you to the appropriate health care professional.

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